300 has been seen as a sacred number in many myths and religions. It was the amount of eyes that were sent across Ausomiranz by the Man Almighty, the gods in Ancient Djornt Mythology, and most famously, the number most used in the popular book series, "Fluffel in the Light". Some may say it was but a coincidence the Comment's Comet (Discovered by Nidskan astronomer Prodyllitastineecino Nelu Comment in the year 31984, whose hometown was the countryside village of Shinyma) passes by every 300 years, 300 eggs at one time may be laid by the Sea Fluffel, and many other things with 300 in them. The more spiritual think not.

Quotes regarding the number 300 Edit

"OutofIdeas: In celebration of the 300th comment! :D And YES, the discoverer of the Comment's Comet was a combination of all the posters on this I could remember off the top of my head, and his home country comes from Nidsk being the first post here to have known inhabitants. Let's hope that doesn't break any rules of the Otherworld, either."-Unknown

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