Ackrex is a marshy place full of odds and ends in Djornt, located not too far from the River Nalgzi. The marsh is partly filled by water from outlets coming from the Nalgzi. It's commonly known for deposits of rare minerals and strange, blue-leafed trees. Despite it's odd and enchanting appearance, it's surprisingly deadly and full of strange beasts, along with quicksand and occasional floods and mudslides.

Hollf Trees Edit

The blue leaved trees of the marsh are called Hollf Trees.

Wildlife Edit


A revoltare, sometimes called a revolture.

One of the things that can be found there is a rather eerie creature called a Revoltare, a strange bird-like creature with leathery wings and golden eyes. It's commonly known to being the eyes that watch you in the darkness, but vanish when approached by hiding itself in mud.

Plum Pie Disease Edit

A disease common around the Ackrex Marsh. It is carried by small biting insects there. The infected person will not notice, and will go about their life for many decades. Eventually, however, the disease will cause the person to be compulsed to return to the place they were first bitten. Once they reach it, they will suddenly transform into a plum pie. The insects will then eat them, passing the Plum Pie disease back to the insects, who will then bite people and continue the cycle.

The Blump Hut Edit

The Blumps are creatures who live in a large hut located near the center of Ackrex Marsh with their adopted grandchildren.