Agamemnon is a country in the middle of the Watevrdhek Sea. It is populated by humans, but they are so isolated from the entire world that they do not know that they are more advanced than others. They have one god, named Penicilias. They believe he is all powerful. They have a technology known as the "Power Crystal", which gives all of their electronics power.

The inhabitants of Agamemnon are more advanced than the rest of the world, speaking a language most would consider gibberish. They also have dangerous weaponry that no other country would think is in existence yet. The natives have been observed by people outside Agamemnon from Djornt, but were not alerted to their presence. They have yet to make contact with the outside world. Despite being more advanced than mainland humans in certain areas, Agamemnons have not invented any form of transportation, since they don't really need it for travelling around their small island. They all have a genetic mutation which makes them blind to the colour green. Because of this, the Watevrdhek Sea looks like an empty black void to them, so they have no interest in exploring it. To them, it just seems to be an extension of the sky. Agamemnon has very high concrete walls which completely surround it. The entire island seems to be artificial, and it is speculated that the entire island was created long ago by the Scolari as an experimental testing ground. When the Scolari were wiped out, the test subjects were left to their own devices and developed their own society.

The people of Agamemnon, named Agjanti, have different colors of skin, ranging from dark brown to light flesh color. They mostly have blue eyes, although some have brown or green eyes. The average height is 6'0".