An Alsan inside an Energy Cell.

Plastic City is powered by a race known as the 'Alsan'. They are also used to power the Fire Shields on the border between Alvalpa and Trod. They had been imprisoned in these powerplants for over 500 years before the Alsan Rights movement freed them. As their lifespan is presumably eternal, they have been prized as a practical power source. [1]

Before being captured and enslaved, Alsan lived solitary lives in mountains and forests. Little is known about their behaviour from these times, but it's known that they defended themselves with powerful bolts of lightning emitted from their bodies.

Nowadays, most Alsan voluntarily work as power generators, and own their own homes and property. Alsan psychology is quite different to that of humans. Many human emotions and social constructs are foreign and ungraspable to most Alsan.

Alsan physiology is something like a pudgy human toddler. They have a small appendage on their heads which looks like a propeller. Their hands and feet are soft and malleable, and they have no digits. Still, they are able to lift objects with their hands by wrapping their soft flesh around them.

People often make fun of them for their odd appearance.

At the bottom of Blood Lake, a very evil Alsan Wizard is locked up in a magical box. This wizard's powerful evil aura causes the water of the lake to perpetually turn into blood. Since Alsan do not age, and don't need air, food or water to survive, the captive Alsan Wizard can be left down there indefinitely. Alsan are also very difficult to kill by other means. They can be burned to death in extremely hot furnaces, or crushed by extraordinary pressure. Since they are so difficult to kill, it was simply preferable to trap the evil wizard to prevent him from doing any more dark deeds, rather than going to the difficulty of trying to kill him.

Mind Edit

Almost all Alsan have a psychology similar to that of a human on the autism spectrum.

Piaffagen Gas Edit

While piaffagen doesn't affect most living things badly, it will cause Alsan to become drowsy and sluggish, so it is used in Alsan Battery chambers, and back when the Alsan were first being caught, it was used as a chemical weapon against them.

Alsan Rights Movement Edit

Alsan Rights

The front page of the newspaper Plastic City Times, circa 34,534.

Djornt finally recognised Alsan as people with full rights in the year 34,534, after 500 years of imprisonment and enslavement of their race.[2] Some countries followed suit, but others such as Trod, Saxophore and Forumia still don't recognise Alsan personhood.

Trod, being an otherwise civilised nation, has received significant criticism for this, but since the Fire Shields, which protect Trod from destruction, would not function without Alsan, Trod refuses to cooperate.