Arcto Bellayus was a Gold Wizard renegade. He left Lorci in 34,612 to travel Asoumiranz and take in the cultures of other lands. He authored the books "Secrets of the Gold Wizards", "More Secretes of the Gold Wizards", "Further Secrets of the Gold Wizards" and his unfinished work "Extensive Secrets of the Gold Wizards", which he died before finishing. Goldactica, the afterlife of the Gold Wizards, is nigh impossible to contact, so no mediums have been able to contact him to get the book finished. Despite the names of the books, their contents don't reveal much usable information in regards to mimicking Gold Magic, since revealing such facts would get Arcto executed by the Gold High Council for sure. Instead, the books illuminate some of the quirks of Lorcian culture. The other Gold Wizards, being a secretive bunch, did not like this, but it wasn't worthy of punishment.

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