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How the Asterkians look, along with how they are called in Asterean.

The Asterk people maybe the most peaceful people on the whole Other World. They are completely white with black outlines and you can easily distinguish if they are male or female. The males do all the hunting and such while the girls do the everyday household tasks; preparing B&W dinner, cleaning clothes and occasionally cleaning their homes. The other nicknames for them are "B&W Peeps", "Outline Outcasts" and "Asterisk People", due to the fact that they have an 'asterisk' shaped pupil. They live on the top of the ground near Rock Cats, but far enough so that the cats won't notice them. Their way of communication, however, is a completely different one; one that requires a new set of letters.

The Asterks' social life is almost like family. They never argue about something and when they get to a disagreement, they sit down and fix it like responsible people. Although an abundance of them are good and innocent, about 3% are either evil or corrupt. But their prisons are almost empty when it comes to crimes. Their newest technology is the "Building Outliner", which is self-explanatory; they automatically build buildings, monuments and other kinds of architecture in a matter of seconds. Now let's go back to describing the Asterks. The average Asterk is an internaught: they spend about 8 hours surfing the web whenever possible. They also use it to keep track of time, economy, news, etc., so their homes are also almost empty, no clock, no TV and no other furniture that has information about the Otherworld.

It is speculated that some of the 3% of Asterks often regarded as "evil" or "corrupt" are also super geniuses, and that one of these genius Asterks infiltrated AGRA to create Asternet. A genius Asterk is also thought to be responsible for inventing the Building Outliner. Some even say that the genius Asterks, also known as 3 percenters, are secretly pulling the strings of Asterk society from behind the scenes.

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