The bacaree is a tall, black winged, bipedal creature. It has two large ears capable of catching very faint sounds. The bacaree has yellow eyes which help it see creatures miles away. They also work fairly well at night. The bacaree has black razor sharp claws at the ends of its skinny long legs and arms. It can also either use its sharp teeth or the barb at the end of its tail to injure its prey. The barb contains a venom that makes the victim it hits hallucinate. Bacaree prey on Ciruesian animals like the schnidelhorf. Since the schnidelhorf's skin is almost impenetrable, the bacaree resorts to picking up the creature as it flies by and dropping it from the sky. Bacaree live in caverns but they come out at night to find prey. They are thought to be intelligent creatures and experiments performed with them have proven that they are capable of solving problems.


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