At the westernmost edge of Felure is the large desert of Bazakun. Most of Bazakun is actually within Felure. It is even larger than the desert of Trod. Its northernmost part comes close to the mysterious, barely inhabited nation of Asteria, the country best known for housing the Star Tower. Bazakun is a fairly desolate place, particularly towards the north. Southern Bazakun at least has some sizeable cities, mines, small scrublands, and some interesting creatures. Its most sizeable city is Rock Town, which sits at the foot of Blue Mountain.

Faccon Edit

Faccon is a village in the Bazakun Desert. It is one of the last indigenous Bazakunite settlements, with huts made from the remains of Narpaciius Plants. The aboriginal Bazakunites are, on average, short in stature. They have eyes like glowing orange coals, deep red skin, and shockingly white hair. They maintain as much Bazakunite tradition and culture as they can. Their mythology features heavily the Kyoskiaar, Elemeno and Gazers. The Asoumiranzian Naratrat's association as a guardian of the dead comes from their culture too. They also keep their own breed of horses which contain doughnuts and danishes.

Feluest Road Edit

The Bazakun Trail, also called the Feluest Road, runs through Bazakun and is surrounded by scrublands. Travellers and campers frequent the highway, as well as heavy trucks carrying cargo. Feluest Road runs through Rock Town and all the way to Mustsid's Eastergat. There are a few other small towns along the way which provide rest spots for travellers.

Northern Bazakun Edit

Northern Bazakun is full of barren hills and a few scattered, failed settlements, which have become ghost towns. Gazers and Kyoskiaar are particularly common in Northern Bazakun, ultimately making it a pretty creepy place. Also in Northern Bazakun is The Bazakun Statue and an ancient ruin called the Kyoskiaar Relic. It's unknown if these two things are related.

Destok Edit

Destok is a cave located in Northern Bazakun. It is almost like a big library, being full of large shelves carved into the walls that hold books to store the spells in. Hiddledriks come here every year to share new spells to add to the books, and share them with others. They may stay here for a couple of weeks, and then leave again. People may come here any other time, but it is guarded by a large golem that will attack anyone who attempts to steal the books, it will also clean the cave as it gets dusty from sand blowing in.

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