The merchant-monster Bedethiel is a mysterious being who is found travelling from town to town. They have no gender and cannot age, and have been around for an extremely long time. In fact, it's possible they were alive before sentient species began to form. Their face is concealed by two of the four wings that sprout from it's back, the other two resting folded on it's back, and it has clawed hands and is covered in black feathers. Nobody is sure what the being is exactly, and those who try to kill or catch them find that they vanish right before they're killed or caught and appears elsewhere in the world.

Bedethiel seems to have a regard for laws in any and every country, and as a result, abides by said laws heavily (no horse candy for Vistem, certain/all weapons aren't sold in some locations, etc). However, if they see fit, Bedethiel may possibly break the law if it is to ensure the safety for an innocent customer. They're a very compassionate and friendly being. As for what's sold, Bedethiel seems to have... Well, everything. Unless it's outlawed or is too powerful to be given to one, Bedethiel virtually sells everything.

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