Berksanti, relatives to the Patekki and also live in The Divide, are creatures that share the same 'eyed is huge leader' trait and are also pack animals. They however are bipedal, in contrast to their cousins, and are more adapted to hunt than scavenge. However, rather than Patekki who have mouths on their head like most species, Berksanti have their mouths on their chest for some bizarre reason. They've kept this, however, and have adapted to life with it. Berksanti are lightweight and are fast runners, and have specialized feet and talons for leaping and latching onto foes, similar to the velociraptor. Unlike their completely blind save for the leader cousins, Berksanti can sense eye-patterned skin extensions on their face. Not only do they scare predators off, they can sense heat and motion and are extremely precise. Scientists aren't sure why they're so well adapted to this, but due to the harsh environment of the Divide, it seems as though natural selection was unforgiving and made them rapidly evolve.

In the case of hunting smaller prey, they have talons hands that can grab and latch onto prey. They're somewhat adapted similar to that of owl's talons and lion claws. The claws are retractable and, instead of tearing, pierce skin and muscle to stay onto bigger prey. The hand is more slender than big, clumsy paws, and hold onto smaller prey to be shoved right into the chest-mouth of the Berksanti. Since they don't have much room for breathing on their chest, their lungs and smaller and near their thick neck.

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