The Bird of Knowledge is a mythical creature said to have come from The Multiply. The bird left its home and is now said to be found at the top of Mount Gabba, a very tall mountain in Asoumiranz. The Bird of Knowledge supposedly knows every answer in the universe. If one manages to actually climb to the top, it is said this bird will answer 3 questions, and only 3 per person, so each one must choose their questions wisely. The existence and apparent omniscience of this bird is heavily disputed. Due to the difficult conditions of The Forgotten Land there has not been a credible and successful scientific study on the existence of the bird in question. If it exists, the Bird of Knowledge is said to be immortal, is about 4 feet tall, and has long rainbow feathers, a hooked beak, and a piercing gaze. It is also rumoured that the Bird of Knowledge has some amount of telekinetic ability.

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