Blorbs are gelatinous blue orbs which float in massive swarms over Taurica. They are technically animals, but they have a very simple biology. They filter microbes, pollen and spores out of the air for sustenance. If they touch something, they will move away from it. This seems to be the only sensory ability they have. At full size, they can reach the size of a beach ball.

At birth they are microscopic, so blorbs of any size smaller than a beach ball can be seen, smaller ones being more common due to premature death. They tend to passively ride the wind's currents, so when a large bluish cloud can be seen advancing on the horizon, it's a sure sign that a gale is approaching. While there are some species that will predate them, they are not very nutritious. They are repelled by Oceanic Fields, which are fields of energy emitted by large bodies of water, so while they do float above coastal waters, they never make it out to the open ocean, and never cross the ocean to other continents.

If one is caught and transported by boat, the intense Oceanic Field will eventually cause them to burst, although captured Blorbs typically don't live long under any conditions, as they constantly run into the sides of their cages, which causes them to become stressed and eventually die. Blorbs are mostly composed of water, so in times of plague they are used as a safe water source, and they are also a beacon of hope to someone lost in the desert - if they can manage to catch one, of course.

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