A bolora is an item of clothing hung around the neck. It is typically thin and silky in texture. It was first worn by farmers in the Djornt grassland villages in the 28,000's.

Boloras were originally used to keep off dust, as well as annoying insects and omlongs, by silkwheat farmers in the 28,000s. Omlongs apparently have a hard time gripping on to silk. They can be worn around the neck, but can be brought up to cover the head and part of the face in dust storms.

They continued to be worn by farmers for approximately 900 years. They became a fashion icon in 28,674, when Princess Theeth of the now defunct kingdom of Gyusk wore the item to the Greater Gyusk Ball event. As a fashion item, boloras have come and gone over the centuries.

Boloras are particularly popular in hot sandy places, because their thin silky fabric doesn't provide much warmth, but it does keep off harsh sun and sand or dust blowing in the wind.

In 33,130's, bright red boloras became an official part of the uniform for the Felure military, and remained for 70 years. Green boloras are not officially part of the Police Sherpa's uniform, but they are very popular amongst that group, a trend which started sometime around the 32,990's. Nidsk ninja are also known for wearing boloras.

Boloras have never been a very common or popular item of clothing on continents other than Asoumiranz.

Toxic Vines, oddly enough, hate the texture of silk, so they can be warded off with boloras. Because of this, adventurers are wise to wear one if travelling near Grimleaf.

Silkwheat is a cultivated grass whose seeds can be mashed into a white goo which is then spun into silk on a silkloom. In the past, and maybe by some very old fashioned families today, making a naughty child drink a glass of silkgoo was used as a punishment for them swearing. Silkgoo isn't harmful at all, but it tastes disgusting.

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