My Fluffy Red Blood-Drinking Lover by Wotter Candale Alleged Autobiography

The Nitol Chimes by Hopfice Glast Romantic Crime Fantasy

Secrets of Orphon by Opinoito Smallbadge Non-fiction, philosophy

Pelius Drey and the Fallen Columns of Mur by Plait Nidski Medical Sub Fantasy

The Grand Encyclopædia of Otherworld History by Count Bohemius Squiggleton Encyclopedia

Qazi and the Smielwhet Fields by Drattus Kyludge Comedic Tragedy Note: Smielwhet is an archaic spelling of smilewheat.

The Scleeth Comes Lately by Kitty Upstopper Children's Picture Book

Djornt to Djakron by Cix Iphher Romantic Sci Fi Poetic Semi Drama

Treestoppers by Zark Mushfellow Adventure

Corgyscanth Terrors by Perygychus Travel Guide/Autobiography

Pendulum Falling by Misso Snipe Drop Fiction

Secrets of the Gold Wizards by Arcto Bellayus Non-fiction, history

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