The wonderful island of Brant is about 30 nautical miles off the coast of Djornt. It is home of lots of unique wildlife, as it has been isolated for a long time. [1]

Wildlife Edit

Brant Wildlife

Photograph of a clearing on Brant.

In this photo, a herd of Zuki can be seen. The dominant male of the herd can be identified by its curly red horns. In the background is the Great Purple Mukibizi. When the island was first discovered, it was assumed that the Mukibizi was a volcano, but research has shown that it is in fact a gigantic, ancient flower! Smaller Mukibizi flowers can be found on the island, and it's unknown why the Great Purple Mukibizi was able to grow so large compared to all the others. Also visible in the photo are many floating Mukibizi fruit. They're very light, and are picked up by the wind to spread the flower's seeds.