Brickran is a country in Cirues. It is strange in that it is shaped like a ring. It totally encompasses the country of Warzure. Brickran's width varies from less than a kilometer to nearly 100 kilometers. The Great Brickran Wall goes all the way around the country, and the The Lesser (but still great) Brickran Wall goes all the way around the inside of the ring. Short of flying, climbing, tunnelling or teleporting, it is impossible to reach Warzure without passing through a Brickran commercial district. There are regularly festivals and carnivals held there, which require an entry fee and cannot be avoided. Brickran also has tight border control, so sneaking through is not easy. In the past, there was a giant ring shaped hill chain made of clay. All of the clay was turned into bricks to build Brickran walls and other buildings, making the ring shaped country what it is today.

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