The Buratoradan is an herbivorous reptile that can be found in Losde Island, as well as Asoumiranz. They have a pair of large, bull-like horns it uses for defense. Ones in Asoumiranz may be domesticated and used for transportation or food, though their horns must be dulled to avoid injuring anyone. They are commonly depicted fighting a Rhannoadon, and this is true, though usually it is a quick fight resulting in either one dying.

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Royal Buratoradan Edit

A Royal Buratoradan was a Buratoradan owned by Felure's royal family. Felure no longer has royalty, having switched to democracy, so Royal Buratoradan are no longer a thing. The royal family would always get first pick of the strongest, sturdiest Buratoradan from the Feluri Buratoradan farms. Buratoradan ranchers would bring their strongest Buratoradans to Firebird City once every 3 years to participate in a contest to select the next Royal Buratoradan. The farmers, on top of being well paid, won a coveted trophy. The Feluri Buratoradan farms lie south of the Watevrdhek Sea. Royal Buratoradans are tattooed on their sides with the Feluri Royal Crest.

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