Chilo is a large planet entirely covered in ice that orbits somewhere between Palkoth and Otherworld. A strong blizzard covers the planet and travels at rapid speeds, though it looks much slower from a distance. It is said Chilo is colder than even Norre and Sorre on Otherworld. If one were to even go into the atmosphere of the planet unprotected, they would be frozen as soon as they touched the cold air. Someone who touches the ground would become frozen in place if they aren't thrown around by the blizzard.

It would seem nothing could survive in this environment, however there is one being that lives here. It is a large four legged creature made entirely of ice. On its back is what seems to be a large glacier and on its head are two horns and large yellow pupil-less eyes. It is as large as the largest mountain on Otherworld. It just wanders around Chilo at a slow pace. It takes around five years on Otherworld for it to walk around the entire planet. Otherworlders have called it many names but it is called Chilo's Wanderer by most. It is believed this creature may be responsible for the intense cold on Chilo.

It is hard to spot this creature when looking at Chilo through a telescope, but sometimes there may be a break in the blizzard and one may see the glacier or an eye if they are lucky, if only for a second.

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