In Otherworld, corn as we know it does not exist. However, there are creatures called clorns. They are arthropods which are essentially corn cobs on legs. Only the domesticated ones are tasty, though. Wild clorns can be ground into clorn flour, which can be baked, but it wasn't until farmers selectively bred them that they become the bright, juicy, tasty clorns of modern times. Another breed of clorns called "dry clorns" are somewhat more similar to the wild clorns, and they are used for making clorn flour. Dry clorn flour is of a higher quality than wild clorn flour, though.

Clorns are native to Taurica, but they were introduced to Asoumiranz in the 31,100's. Wild clorns inhabit desert or savannah biomes. Black clorns, a cousin to the common clorns, live in tunnels and caves. Black clorn flour produces very bitter baked goods which are an acquired taste.

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