A small party of Conics, complete with a warrior, a scout, and a wizard


Cones guarding a trinket stockpile

Conics, or Cones are a race of cave-dwelling cone-shaped animals who are very proficient in magicks.

Conics are generally passive, but occasionally spook Paper Miners who they see as invading their cave. Conics will defend their cave at all cost, but will not attack unless attacked first.

It has been speculated that Conics are descendents of the Elemental Wizards who gained their power from trinkets and went extinct. Conics do have some sort of connection to trinkets, as they tend to stockpile large amounts of trinkets for reasons unknown.

The status of a Conic is determined by its color. Yellow Conics are elders who rule a tribe of Conics. Blue Conics are warriors who defend a cave. Green Conics are scouts, who patrol caves and search for trinket. Red Conics are wizards. Red Conics tend to be found leading parties of Conics and guarding stockpiles of trinkets.