This is a cookie beetle.

A cookie beetle is a beetle that has a chocolate chip cookie for a body. They generally don't live very long due to their delicious appearance. They have a look-a-like known as a poisoned cookie beetle. Poisoned cookie beetles look very similar to cookie beetles except they are not actually cookies, so their name is really a misnomer. Rather, they just have a brown body with darker brown spots on their back. Animals sometimes mistake the two and die due to eating the wrong one. The way to tell the difference between the two beetles is the texture of their bodies. Cookie beetles have a rough, lumpy texture while poisoned cookie beetles are smooth.

Cookie Beetles actually belong to the plant/insect group psuedoinsecta. They deliberately get themselves eaten so that their chocolate seeds will pass through the animal's gut and be fertilised. Then it will grow into a cookie bush, which is a dry shrub which sprouts new cookie beetles.

Poison cookie beetles however are not psuedoinsecta. They have evolved to mimic the cookie beetle for a different reason. When a poison cookie beetle is eaten its body released powerful pheromones which summon the individual poison cookie beetle's siblings and other family members. Then those poison cookie beetles will feast on the poisoned animal who ate their family member, who sacrificed their life in order to give their family a large meal which will help feed the next generation.

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