Count Bohemius Squiggleton was born into Feluri nobility in 34,304. He received his education at the Miran Highly-Esteemed College and took an interest in history. He was frustrated by the history books of his time, as information was scattered broadly and was nowhere compended into one convenient place. Count Squiggleton, in his youth just called Bohemius Squiggleton, was always a reclusive and eccentric man, spending most of his time reading and writing in his MHEC dormitory during his spare time at school. He went on to become professor of history at MHEC, after which he spent his spare time reading and writing in his MHEC office.

After a short stint as headmaster at the age of 43, he left the school and moved to Scribble City to pursue his dream of writing a huge encyclopaedia of history. Some of the material he used for the Grand Encyclopædia of Otherworld History were written during his time at MHEC, so it isn't really known exactly how long he worked on it, but after his official start of the work in 34,347, he worked on the volumes for a total of 71 years. After 15 years in Scribble City, though, he returned to Miran to continue his works. He died at the age of 114, inking the final dot on the final page of the Grand Encyclopædia of Otherworld History.

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