Cubics are small cube-shaped creatures that may have some relation to Conics. Rather than being found in caves, they can be found in the mountains of Great Elder Ridge. Cubics have magic abilities similar to Conics, but they are not as strong with magic. They are more advantageous in their speed and strength. One Cubic can carry about six times its weight. They are not really aggressive, but they are a nuisance for any hikers exploring the mountain because they will gang up on them and steal their things. The objects they steal don't seem to have any significance. Most think they just steal whatever they can grab just so they can cause problems. However, most do not know that these objects are taken inside the mountain where there is a larger cube shaped statue made of stone. The Cubics take the stolen things to this statue and add it to a pile of more things. The statue has been around for many years but it is almost unknown to the outside world. It represents a god that the Cubics worship known as Roobehk. Roobehk is a multicolored Cubic that lives in a realm called Geometrania. The Cubics believe bringing their god the stolen things will give them passage to Geometrania where they can live forever with Roobehk.

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