Cupboard Claw

Cupboard Claws are creatures resembling human hands. They're a common creature in cities and towns. Sometimes they'll be found lurking in old cupboards and drawers, the habitat from which they get their common name, but they can also be found in alleyways, attics, basements and gardens.

There are also wild Claws which typically live in caves and dungeons. These Cave Claws are generally much larger than Cupboard Claws. Cupboard Claws are the size of a human hand, while Cave Claws can grow up to 2 or 3 meters in extreme cases.

It is easy to tell the gender of a Cupboard Claw. Left handed Claws are male, while right handed Claws are female. Cupboard Claws feed on just about anything humans eat, often getting into people's pantries and raiding them. But they are also able to subsist on dust, insects, and spider webs.

Cupboard Claws are generally considered pests and vermin, but they can also be kept as pets. Claw owners will usually keep them clean and their nails well manicured, unlike the wild Claws, who are often very dirty and have long, sharp nails. Owners will also give the Claws nice rings to wear on their fingers, but wild Claws often pick up and wear rings as well.

Claws don't have vision, and use touch and smell to find their way around. They can also hear and sense vibrations. Claws are expert climbers, and seem to have a knack for operating simple man made devices, like door handles, jar lids, etc.

They are related to Sand Claws.