Cyabirs are levitating jellyfish which live inside mega cactuses in Hak-to-vora. Their body consists of two spheres making an hourglass shape and two tentacles hanging down. They live in symbiosis with mega cactuses, protecting them from intruders in exchange for sustenance. Their tentacles are full of subelectric current which they use to paralyse and slowly kill targets. They have very limited vision, only able to sense movement. People trying to take control of a mega cactus must first either kill all the Cyabirs or round them up using long byristicks to herd them around (byristicks are subelectrically non-conductive, keeping the person relatively safe). Cyabirs can be rounded into a byristick cage and used to power machines via their subelectricity. The byristick cage must be close enough to the cactus walls for the cyabirs to absorb the nutrients they need to survive.

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