A Delidoika with and without its seed (seedless on the left, seed on the right)

Delidoikas are light plants that grow in the continent of Cirues and have the world record for the lightest plant in Other-world. They at first have only a plant stem and the roots, but after 5-6 weeks the plant will grow wing shaped seeds, the wind will literally up-root the plant out of the ground and because of the wing shaped seeds it will fly around the skies, dropping its seeds onto the ground to grow into more Delidoikas.

In winter Delidoika actually curl up into a small hole in their roots to avoid the snow, while the roots suck out the water from the snow. Delidoikas are one of the most common plants in Cirues and might even possibly be the most common plant in Other-world, though humans don't live in or near Cirues to find the answer, though there is another sentient race in Cirues.

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