Divine Contract is a magically binding agreement between a deity and one of their followers. The terms of the contract vary from one to another. Almost always, the contract passes through some number of middle men before reaching the end user. Typically, the larger the religion, the more middle men. For example, a Divine Contract may be drafted by a deity, passed down to an archangel, then to an angel, who will give them to a prophet, who then distributes the contracts to priests who give them to followers to be signed. However, a fledgling god or goddess may need to deal with mortals directly.

Divine Contracts are written on Holy Paper, a magical substance which allows a flow of energies between a deity and followers. Followers may pledge a certain amount of their weekly spiritual essence to their god in return for miracles when in need. A kind of "celestial insurance". But the potential scope of Divine Contracts is large. Generally adherents pledge to have their spirits interred in their deity's heavenly realm after death. Some contracts will tie a soul directly to their god, so that if their god is destroyed by some extraordinary means, all of the followers will suffer a similar fate. Divine Contract may also include sin clauses, which could land a follower in a hell realm after death.

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