Djakron is a planet in the same solar system as Otherworld. The planet is named for the ancient Djornti god of the same name.

The planet is the shape of a square pyramid, which is speculated to be caused by a build up of square pyramidrons, but these particles have not been confirmed to exist. The most popular competing hypothesis states that more than one type of geometron can affect a planet's shape.

The square bottom of Djakron is always facing away from the suns, so it's very cold and has an ice cap. The rest of Djakron is arid and red. Plains, canyons, craters and volcanic mountains dot the planet. The planet doesn't seem to host any life, but this isn't confirmed.

From Otherworld, Djakron can be seen as a red light in the sky, but its pointy shape doesn't become apparent unless it is viewed through a telescope.