The abject cruelty of most Djornti doctors is notoriously well known. [1] Lacking any sense of empathy, they only seem to derive joy from diagnosing diseases. They especially delight in rare diseases, and/or diseases which induce perverse or unbearable suffering. None the less, they are generally very good at their jobs, and Djornti Law has strict penalties for doctors who misdiagnose or fail to treat diseases. Discovering and describing new diseases is considered the greatest possible achievement among Djornti doctors. Djornti doctors also delight in large outbreaks and pandemics of disease, but are prohibited by law to actually help or encourage these to happen. A few other countries, such as Forumia, have similarly institutionalised horrible pathologists, but most country's doctors harshly condemn the sadistic philosophy of the Djornti medical industry.

It is rumored that there is an underground movement of Djornti doctors known as the Plague Doktors.


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