Dokusugu is an ancient art which can be performed by spirit beings. This art transforms the spirit into a physical object. The type of object, such as a doll or a book, is said to be a reflection of the spirit being dokusugued.

As an object, or doku, the spirit has its qualities drastically changed. It loses its unique spiritual essence, which protects it from being tracked down or cursed. A doku is also totally unconscious to itself and the outside world. A doku can be smuggled past spirit sensors without triggering them.

Dokus are turned back into their original spirit form by some method which is determined when the Dokusugu is first activated. Common reactivation methods include submersion in water or some other liquid, or the incantation of some secret password. All doku are also reactivated into spirit form when they are destroyed, but this method has unpredictable consequences, such as drastic personality changes, or the release of some of the spirits power as a dangerous telekinetic blast.

Dokusugu can be performed by a spirit onto itself, or by another party. Spirits experience dokdetsu for some period of time after they are transformed back into spirits from doku. Dokdetsu refers to symptoms like reduced power and mental clarity. Once Dokdetsu wears off the spirit will return precisely to the state it was in just prior to being dokusugued.

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