Dotonville is a city that lies to the east of the djortian coast. It has a population of approximately two thousand, and, for unknown reasons, is unstable in the time stream. It hops around from one time period to the next, and can exist at all time periods at once, or in none of them. If you go to the spot where it appears from time to time, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get to it, since it probably won't appear in your era. The best way to get inside it is to find the legendary Improbability trinket, which, when possessed by a person, makes the highly improbable suddenly likely. Unfortunately, those in possession of these particular trinkets have a bad habit of being struck by lightning or hit by meteorites.

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of Dotonville are closely related to humans, though they think in a different manner than others of thier same species, since the time hopping of the city has changed their thought processes greatly. They are much more intelligent than most other species, but are not able to have opinions about topics. The reason for this is unknown.

A view of the Improbability Trinket, the surest way to enter Dontonville

The improbability trinket, a sure way to get into Dontonville.