About forty-five gleks south of Djornt lies the thriving island town of Dorcas Port, a trade hub famous for utilizing fleets of the native Dragoons to ship goods. The Dragoons, once thought by early settlers to be ruthless predators, were soon discovered to be opportunistic scavengers with a rather amicable nature. It wasn't long before the Dragoon Riders of Dorcas Port became the first aerial delivery service in the world.

The Dragoons work delivering letters and packages. The life expectancy of one is roughly 50 years. A male Dragoon has insect wings and a pair of claws, while a female Dragoon has feathery wings and no claws.

It's lifespan is indeed unique, as it spends 2 to 5 years as a parasite either inside a Schnoozer, a serpent-like creature, or a Mewler, a feline animal. This is achieved because the infant Dragoon looks a lot like a Woon, a fairly common avian animal that is common prey to both Schnoozers and Mewlers. Possessed Schnoozers and Mewlers can be identified by their absence of pupils and sluggish movement. Furthermore, the Dragoon has complete control over the movements of the host animal but the host animal has been confirmed to be able to think during it's possession. After the 2 to 5 years, the Dragoon will have a sudden growth spurt and grow into it's final form within 3 to 10 minutes, ripping apart the body of the host animal. The carcass is usually kept by the dominant member of a herd, but the rest peel or otherwise get rid of it. After this, they basically live in packs, looking for the carcasses of dead animals to scavenge.

Typically, the type of Dragoons used by the Dragoon riders are raised from birth. This gets them used to captivity and less prone to acts of violence.