Drimgens are large pink spirits that only exist in dreams. They may appear in someone's dream while they are sleeping. If the dreamer becomes lucid, they will be able to interact with the drimgen. Drimgens all seem to enjoy fun things. If the dreamer is able to interact with the drimgen, it will create fun things for the dreamer to enjoy with them. Once the dreamer wakes up, the drimgen will teleport to another dream in the world. It is said anyone who wakes up after being visited by a drimgen will feel great the next morning.

When drimgens were first being discovered, many people reported seeing the same kind of creature in their dream that they had never seen before. At first there was speculation that drimgens did not exist but when Dream Walking technology was invented, which allowed someone to enter another's dream, scientists used this to study the truth of the drimgens. They would ask a group of volunteers to allow them to enter their dreams. When the scientist wakes up (both people have to be asleep for the technology to work) he/she must write down anything he/she saw. After much research, there was enough evidence to confirm that drimgens were real. Scientists also found the drimgens were not just very similar dream characters everyone dreamed up as even when the dreamer was lucid enough to control the dream, they could not control the actions of the drimgens.

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