Dryast as seen from a distance. It appears to be just a few meters wide, but clouds and waves appear to be sucked into it and shrink as they approach it. From this vantage point, boats and airships approaching the island would also appear to be shrinking. This is just an illusion caused by the stretched space around the island, and no shrinkage is actually occurring.

Dryast 2

The island appears to grow in size dramatically as it is approached. This is how Dryast appears when close to the shore. The Dryast Penal Colony can be seen.

Dryast is an island not too far from Brant. it is an arid desert with little to no vegetation. It spans an enormous 26, 000 km per square inch. There are man-made fountains here and there, but instead of water, they are filled with liquid gold. What flora exists are crab-like bulbs that burrow themselves into the ground during the day to avoid the heat, but let the bulbous part of themselves stick out of the ground to absorb sunlight. During the night, they will come out to play with others of their kind. These creatures are known as Shfellers.

Legally, Dryast is considered part of Lorci, but the island is actually slightly closer to the coast of Djornt.

The island of Dryast is a magical place, enchanted by the Gold Wizards of Lorci. It was once a small sand bar just a few meters across. But the Gold Wizards turned it into an immense desert using their space-bending fountains of gold. From the outside, the island still looks to be a few meters wide, but the closer one gets, the larger it seems, and once one reaches the shore, the enormous desert stretches as far as the eye can see. The Gold Wizards use the Dryast Desert as a penal colony. The convicts toll away at huge glass factories on the island. The glass is fashioned into windows, jars, bottles, aquariums, ninja stars, and more. Then it is carried off by golden airships and is exported around the world.

The Dryast penal colony is constantly watched by the Blood Eye Towers. These are giant eyeballs with red irises created by the Gold Wizards. They are able to see in the dark, and fire heat rays at escapees. These heat rays cause unbearable heat, then severe burns to the skin, and eventually internal cooking which kills the target. The level of damage wrought depends on how long the target is exposed to the ray.

The dominant feature of the penal colony is the colossal glass factory. It has a huge port where Lorci Airships dock and collect glass cargo for shipment. The convicts sleep in a large camp made up of small buildings. Gold Wizard wardens live in a comfortable bunker underneath the sand.

As a result of the space bending charms in place over Dryast, whole rain clouds and storms can be sucked up by the island as they pass overhead. This is quite a sight to behold. Of course, the clouds are tiny compared to the Dryast desert, and are only able to sustain the sparse population of Shfellers. The glass-working prisoners, and wizard wardens, get their water from a gigantic magic hourglass which transmutes sand into water. The hourglass was, of course, created by the Gold Wizards.