Four hundred thousand light years away from Otherworld is a strange formation that has come to be known as an Eggular System. Billions of eggs of different sizes revolve around a small golden star called Shel. The eggs seem to be formed in the depths of the star and are sent into orbit with the rest of the eggs. Sometimes they collide with other eggs and push them out of orbit. The egg might travel forever through space, or it might collide with a planet or other celestial object. If the collision is powerful enough, the egg will break, sending space yolk flying everywhere. There is no knowledge if some of these eggs contain living beings or not.

The Eggular system has only been observed by otherworldlian astronomers as a speck in the distance. Only one egg has ever hit otherworld, and the area where the egg hit was contaminated by the yolk immediately after contact. The area is still highly lethal, so no scientists have ever ventured there.

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