Elemeno are mysterious beings who live deep in caves. Accounts about what they look like vary from story to story, but all the stories agree about the creatures distinctive cry of "Elemeno! Elemeno!" from which it gets its name. Elemeno quickly make an escape after they say their phrase of "Elemeno" a few times. They're supernaturally fast, and are masterful escape artists, seeming to always hang out in places with escape routes nearby.

It's generally agreed that Elemeno are very tall and vaguely humanoid, with inky blue-black bodies and shimmering multicoloured eyes, which reflect light brightly. The shape of facial features and appearance of limbs, however, varies greatly in different accounts of rare close encounters with Elemeno.

A mysterious quote Edit

Someone once said, "I got the idea from the Alphabet Game."

No one in Otherworld knows who said it or what it means.