King Jamiel Reedhorst the 7th was the ruler of the Fallurost Empire in the 15,900's. Back then, Asoumiranz was called Yinram, and the borders between countries and names of countries were quite different, although not in all cases. The Reedhorst family first established their rule over much of the continent back in the 15,500s, in the Wars of Triumph. There were still some countries who maintained independence, but the Fallurost Empire was the undisputed dominant force on the continent. The Fallurost Empire fell during the Bitter Invasion of the 16,000s. From the ashes of the Bitter Invasion, new cultures formed. The cultural remains of the Fallurost Empire eventually became the province of Felure, although the name of the area underwent two other phases before it became Felure: Falluros, and Fallure.

The Cubic Mountains Edit

The cubic mountains were gigantic, cube shaped hills that existed in the Falluroust empire. They no longer exist, but historians have found that they were over a mile high, rising up from the ground at a perfect 90 degree angle. Due to their unique shape, humans of the time had never ventured up them. Geologists speculate that they are shaped like cubes because they were formed under similar conditions to Otherworld itself. All mountains in the chain have at least one volcano on top of them. These volcanoes would constantly spurt new rock from the inside of Otherworld on top of the mountains, making them grow bigger and bigger. It is speculated that they no longer exist due to this rock becoming too heavy and crushing the mountains under their own weight.

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