Two countries, Fasia and Lumia, have not been getting along for quite some time. They sit right next to each other on the continent Asoumiranz and aren't very big. They used to be one country called Falusia but a great conflict came between the working class and the noble class and they ended up splitting the country into two separate nations. Fasia, the country of the nobles, got so fed up with Lumia that they built a large dome which they covered their entire country with. What started such tension between two countries who were once one?

The nobles and workers were once kind to each other. They both had duties important to the entire kingdom and they respected each other for their hard work. But some nobles weren't so kind, of course. A socially important member of the working class was murdered and it was unknown who did it. However, it was found that magic had been used and only the nobles were able to use magic, leading to the theory that the nobles had murdered the working class citizen. The working class became furious with the noble class, demanding that they find this person. The nobles were unable to find them and the working class accused them of hiding the culprit. The noble class became angry at the working class for blaming them of such things and there began the tension between the two classes. They began to shun each other and eventually they hated each other so much that they couldn't even be in the same country anymore, without the risk of strife. The nation split into Lumia and Fasia, and the Fasians made their famous dome in order to keep the Lumians out of their kingdom. This dome has openings where the Fasians can go to and fro between other nations to trade and such but these openings are locked up when it is not trading and they are rarely opened for anything else.

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