The Ferrous Kaylons are sentient beings made almost entirely of iron ore. They originated in the country of Lorci, dating back to before humans evolved from Skin Possums.


Imbued with the spirits of the ancient Kaylon Wizards (the precursors to the Gold Wizards of Lorci), they were originally thought to be related to Blitts, but that theory was soon dismissed. The iron ore that composes their body is shaped like the body of a Trolipede [citation needed], and is hollow, allowing the spirits of the Kaylon Wizards to reside inside the outer shell.

They commonly live away from the Gold City, in the surrounding countryside, living in villages of their own design. These villages are very antiquated, as the spirits of the Kaylons have not advanced much technologically since their initial death.

Though they look like Trolipedes, Ferrous Kaylons are, in fact, quite different culturally. Ferrous Kaylons devote much of their time to studying, and many of their race have become renowned philosophers in the Otherworld. They also enjoy many sports, such as ninepins and football, and are very social. They also are very elegant, and usually dress in fine clothes. Often, cracks in their iron shell let light from the Kaylon's spirit leak through.

The Trolipedan Prime Leader Zarzkun had this to say about Ferrous Kaylons. "Recently, it has come to light that the humans have likened the physical form of the so-called "Ferrous Kaylon" to that of the Trolipede... The Trolipede race utterly rejects such an aspersion. Perhaps to the weak, untrained eye of the common human, our forms appear to be similar. But this is utterly false. The crude, bulbous carapace of the Ferrous Kaylon is not even a pale reflection of the sleek, refined, and elegant exoskeleton of the noble Trolipede. The pitifully spindly appendages of the Ferrous Kaylon are also a far cry from the robust and strong armicles and legicles so crucial to the Trolipede figure. I could go on and on about the dissimilarities between these small, metallic crayfish of Asoumiranz, and the Pride of Tauirca, the great and epimysterious Trolipedes, but any sentient being with a discerning eye should be able to easily spot the majority of the differences... Now, if you miserable journalistic meat-bags will excuse me, I have a Harukinito-shin Tournament to attend."

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