The Floudra is a carnivorous plant found in the jungles of the tropical Tria Isles in the southern half of the cylindrical planet. Most of them have been found on Acu Isle, but some are also found on the other two islands, Iso and Obtu. At first glance, the separate heads seem to be a part of separate plants when they are actually all one. The heads of the Floudra are connected to a large bulb with roots which holds the entire plant in place and is also where all the nutrients go. The bulb of the plant starts out as a seed deep underground. Thin tendrils sprout out of it which eventually develop to be the full grown necks and heads of the Floudra and the bulb grows to support the plant beneath the soil. The heads can grow to be about three feet tall each. The example Floudra has three heads, but they can have up to five. When a head is cut off, another will grow in its place. This takes around three months. Each head has two markings, one on either side which look like eyes. These markings are actually heat sensors which the plant uses to detect when prey is near.


A three headed floudra.

In the jungle, the Floudra can be found with its leaves closed around its heads to fool prey into thinking it is just another normal plant. When prey comes near, the Floudra will sense it is nearby and will lunge one of its heads to capture the meal in one bite. The leaves will again close around the plant's head and it will digest the animal. The plant is selective on the prey it captures. It will eat just about anything the size of its head, but it can sense when an animal is far too big for it to digest. It can also sense when critters are too small to provide any real sustenance.

Fans of exotic things might like to keep Floudra in their homes to impress their visitors or get rid of pesky pests like Trickets and large rodents. The owner is safe from being eaten by the Floudra, though they should know to watch their hands when feeding the plant. There have been accidents in the past where owners have gotten their hands caught in the plant when feeding it inappropriately.

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