Freviles are fire souls, relentlessly roaming around the Other World to find vengeance upon anyone who dares to put out any fire. They are circled-shaped and have multiple stick arms with flames on the end. Fiery symbols sometimes appear in their presence. The other names for them are "Fire Souls" and "Heat-Terminator". They live the solitary life, living only by themselves and even fighting each other, in which the loser must serve the winner for life. They communicate either by throwing harmless fire balls at each other or by heat location. Another characteristic for Freviles, they are stubborn, insensitive and corrupt.

Although they're evil, they're pretty dumb for one; only as smart as any common bird. When in battle, their attacks are only "Heat Blast" and "Extreme Verbal Bullying", but sometimes, the smarter ones have another attack, called "Lava Flow", in which they spit out white-hot fire balls at the attacker. But if the moves don't work, they just simply retreat, and wait for the right time to attack again. Their number one cause of death is by getting thrown into any body of water, even a really small puddle. The second? well, it's by old age, maybe 130 years after they're reborn through dead fires. When they die, they finally go to a place called "Heated Heaven", a place for Freviles to finally relax and celebrate all the justice they served for the dead fires.

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