Froyonder is a moderate-sized country located in the frozen land between Asoumiranz and Norre. Froyonder, after being helped out of poverty by its right-over-the-Astroms-to-the-direct-east neighbor, Sprinkeland, has mainly used Chocolan as their main language. Icecream is its prime export. Because of the icecreamnados, it has become a freezing environment with icecream nearly everywhere. To create the streets, hardened caramel syrup is used, causing the roads to be broken and bitten out of at some parts. The capital of Froyonder, Neopolis- where most chocolate and strawberry icecream is found- is unique in the way that it directly over the three mountains that make the eastern border of the city, is the capital of Sprinkeland, Jelatan.

The Astrom Mountains Edit

The Astrom Mountain Range forms an eerily well-made circle around Froyonder with a small opening where the ends meet. The Frosted Mountains of Astrom, or just Astrom, are not frosted with ice but rather with ice cream! Although it's mainly vanilla. The land is ridden with icecreamnados.

Local Phrases and Sayings Edit

"Aw yea." An exclamation of satisfaction or happiness.

"Yessir." A common affirmation.

"Sweet tooth's paradise!" - Common nickname for the country, in reference to the bountiful icecream snow.