The Gerosol is a animal commonly found in Cirues and Northern parts of Asoumiranz, but can also be rarely found in Taurica and Sorre.


Gerosol are powerful creatures, they can have either telekinesis, pyrokinesis, or cryokinesis, as indicated by the color of the spots on their eggs. If the egg has purple spots, the Gerosol will have telekinetic powers, if the egg has red spots, the Gerosol will have Pyrokinetic powers, and if the egg has blue spots, the Gerosol will have Cryokinetic powers.

The source of the Gerosol's powers come from 2 souls that "orbit" the Gerosol, the Souls, unlike the gerosol, are sentient, and are capable of communicating in most languages. If the Gerosol dies, the souls will both lose their powers, if the souls die, the Gerosol will also die, this means that the souls and Gerosol both need to protect eachother for the sake of both of them.

The souls of a Gerosol match the color of the spots on the egg.

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