The Taurican country of Ghas is made up of the Laladoon Desert and the Jorlian Steppes, separated by a mountain range known as the Hemges. The cold dry country is not particularly fertile, and its population is fairly sparse. The largest city in the country is Hazenburg, a mining town specializing in Cocoaite. Hazenburg chocolate ingots are popular treats, and many of Ghas's buildings are made from cocoa bricks and choc iron. Gorwaxes are common beasts in Ghas. They feature heavily in the country's folklore, and Gorwax hunting supports a small flash-grenade making industry for Ghas. Ghas, like many Taurican countries, is powered by poworbs. There are several poworb ranches in southern Ghas, on the Jorlian Steppes. Ghas is sometimes known as "The Treeless Country" or "The Land with No Trees" for its conspicuous lack of trees, although truth be told, there are a small number of trees in the country.

Food Edit

Bochvash is a type of cake made in Ghas. It contains blueberries and stygian figs.

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