Lumbering, black and shadowy, are the Glomp Beest. They exist whenever and wherever a person glimpses something in the corner of their vision, usually in the dark or in the fog, which they momentarily mistake for a Glomp Beest. When they turn their heads to look, it will become apparent that the thing they saw was something else; a person, a shadow, a piece of paper blowing in the wind. But the truth is that it WAS a Glomp Beest, from the very moment they mistook it for one. Often when a person is visited by one Glomp Beest, they will soon be visited by more, purely because that person will become alert to seeing more Glomp Beest, and so will more easily mistake things for one. Glomp Beest visitation can lead to paranoia, which only makes the problem worse. People who are constantly visited by Glomp Beest tend to go mad. It isn't totally clear what Glomp Beests actually do to people, but it presumably isn't very nice.

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