The Golden Vielitrix is a species of bird which lives in The Multiply. They can grow to be quite large, some older ones being as large as or bigger than an average human. They have beautiful golden and orange feathers, and long flamboyant tail feathers. They are intelligent creatures. Their moral compass can vary, some being passive unless provoked, while others actively seek to cause harm. They have a magical bewitching song which can cause drowsiness and hallucinatory illusions. They also have varying psychic ability, and while they cannot speak, some can communicate telepathically. Sometimes Golden Vielitrix stray away from The Multiply and can be found on mountain tops. Golden Vielitrices are a symbol of elegance and divinity. It is known that Golden Vielitrices have very long lives, but it isn't clear whether or not they are immortal. It is said that Golden Vielitrix love beautiful music, especially the harp, and that they may be pacified by it.

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