Gorwaxes are large humanoid monsters who live on the continent of Taurica.

Appearance Edit

They have large, fat bellies, sharp teeth, grey skin, and red eyes.

Behaviour Edit

They have basic intelligence, and monster strength, allowing them to use large logs as clubs. They're also smelly, unpleasant and aggressive. They seem to take joy in tormenting and torturing others. Due to their unpleasant nature, they are killed when spotted near settlements.

Habitat Edit

They can be found in the mountains and roaming the plains. They often take shelter under large bridges and just in the mouths of caves, although they rarely go deep into the caves.

Uses Edit

They have yellow gems in their guts called gorla. Gorlas can be crushed into a powder which burns brightly when ignited. It is typically used in flash grenades and fireworks. Fireworks are quite popular in Taurica, and were first invented in the country of Canjon approximately 10,000 years ago.

Variants Edit

Gumblax Edit

Gorwax which enter into Gantasia are called Gumblax. Gumblax are more mellow and less sadistic than their above ground counterparts, as Gantasia's effects are near the opposite of the Divide's. Besides this, their skin has a greener hue to it, their eyes seem more purple, and they are much more fat than the average Gorwax. Gumblax may either keep their original clubs, which grow mushrooms and moss on them, or use the stems from the large fungi in the area. It is unknown if the gorla change as well.

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