In the South-eastern part of Djornt, you will find the Grimleaf Forest. It is a strange place where much of the vegetation has a dark coloration such as black or dark brown. The trees in the forest are all twisted and wretched. There is no such vegetation anywhere else in the world, and scientists want to know what caused these features to come about. There are many rumors about the forest such as man eating monsters hiding in there. Not many have been brave enough to venture through these woods, and those who have have never come out. No one really knows what could be within them. There is sort of a folk tale parents tell their children if they are misbehaving.

"If you do not eat your dinner, then the monster of the Grimleaf Forest will come kidnap you and eat you for dinner!"

Unknown to the outside world, there is a group of witches within Grimleaf who call themselves the Grim Hags. Their ultimate goal is to free the Monster Unknown to Humanity.