Nestled south of Alvalpa and west of the Scolari Dead Zone is the small, poor nation of Gruz. Citizens of Gruz suffer from extremely poor quality of life, famines, and plagues. Unfortunately, they are bordered by the deadly countries of Alvalpa and Scolaria, and Trubistan, a nation with strict anti-immigration policies and a bitter racial prejudice against the Gruzzites.

Gruzzite architecture consists of hastily constructed cubes of hexcrete - an amalgam of various minerals, ground up and mixed with water and poured into slab molds to dry into walls, floors, and ceilings. The minerals used in the manufacture of hexcrete have not been identified, as the company behind hexcrete, HexaCo., cites reasons of "trade secrecy". This is widely believed to be a cover for the use of illness-inducing materials illicitly mined from the Scolari Dead Zone.

Artefacts Edit

The Gruzzite Mit Edit

The Gruzzite Mit is a legendary object. It is an enchanted gauntlet worn by several of Gruz's heroes throughout the ages. It is said that it can, when mastered, be used to crush stones and pluck speeding arrows from the air.

Legend says the mit was forged by a mythical creature and bestowed upon first king of Gruz, Lordking Salabalm

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