A green Guff.

Guffs are woolly animals native to Trod. Guff wool comes in a wide range of colours. It is used in a large portion of the world's textiles. Domestic Guffs have been bred to have a preposterous amount of wool. Wild Guffs are less wooly and look somewhat less ridiculous, or perhaps less cute depending on your taste. Guffs secrete Guff oil from the horn on their heads. Baby Guffs feed on this oil. Both the male and female Guffs produce oil. Wild baby Guffs feed only from their parents, but domestic baby Guffs will feed from any adult Guffs in the herd. Domestic Guffs produce a surplus of oil, which is harvested by the Guff herders. The oil is sweet and can be used in cooking, or drunk on its own. The oil can also be burned, and is used as a fuel for lanterns. The oil can be used as a lubricant as well.

Guff meat is not particularly nice to eat, so there is not much of an export for it. It can be eaten in a pinch, however. Guffs eat leaves from shrubs, berries, and grasses. These are all rather scarce in the desert. Guff herders will usually take their Guff herds into the Red Mountains to graze, where plants are more plentiful. Surprisingly, the Guffs are actually omnivorous. They have long tongues which they can extend at great speed to catch flying creatures, such as Possalriffs. But they will only do this very occasionally.

Guffs are an older relative to Candy Sheep. Some farmers raise both animals though they usually keep them in separate pens to prevent a hungry Guff from munching on the cotton candied coat of a Candy Sheep.